Rules and Terms of Service

This page covers all rules and terms of service for Celestial Art Café. All of the rules apply to all sections of the Café (forum).

First and foremost: Hello, and welcome, to Celestial Art Cafe! We do hope you enjoy your stay at our lovely Cafe! Please ensure you read the rules fully and carefully. Any questions you have can be answered via a private message to one of the moderators!

Please read the rules carefully.
By using our forum, you are acknowledging that we may ask you to stream, post WIPs, and/or record your drawings to ensure that art theft and scams are avoided.

Admin Notice: Terms of Service were changed on Sep 06, 2017.

Table of Contents
  1. Basic Etiquette / Social Behavior
  2. Image Restrictions
  3. PSE (Photo Sensitive Epilepsy) Images
  4. Using Artwork
  5. Posting Rescrictions
  6. Auto-Play Music
  7. Signatures
  8. Art Theft
  9. Warning Bar Docks Not Related To Art Theft
Basic Etiquette / Social Behavior

1.) Bullying / Threatening / Harassment is not tolerated. We understand that different views and opinions can cause others to butt heads and disagree, but do not harass someone over how they feel or what they believe. Not only is this unacceptable, it looks negative on you.

2.) Respect staff members as you would your boss and/or work associates. We work hard to bring you the kind, loving environment you see here. All of our members are here by choice, so please treat everyone with respect. We do not want a non-welcoming place!

3.) Racism / Racial Slurs / Sexism / Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. This will lead to an official warning and bar dock.

4.) Triggering subjects aren't allowed. Self-harm, suicide, molestation, rape, mental illnesses, bringing up someone's past trauma, etc is not allowed. If you must talk to someone or ask for help publicly, please ensure you put it in a spoiler named "Trigger Warning". Asking someone to molest or rape you (even in a joking way) will result in an immediate bar dock. Telling someone that there are people that have it worse and they shouldn't be depressed will also result in an immediate bar dock; just because someone has it worse, doesn't make someone's problems less of a deal. If it is overwhelming, we expect you to either ignore it or comfort them. Do not torment or harass them. If you know someone has experience trauma in the past, do not bring it up as a means of revenge or talk about it behind their back. This will result in a bar dock.

5.) You are allowed one (1) alternate account. You must have this account linked to your main account in your about me. Please do not abuse this, or we will take away this feature. The main purpose is to claim your DeviantArt / other social media Username so others cannot use it.

6.) You are not allowed to badmouth any other type of forum or website. We have noticed an increasing agitation and have decided that this will warrant a friendly reminder. We want the site to be peaceful, not bash on another community, or attempt to cause a war zone between sites.
Image Restrictions

We are an open-minded community and love all types of artwork, however, Forumotion is not. Directly from their Terms of Service, the following things are not allowed to be posted publicly.
These four things will result in a friendly reminder:
  • *Discriminatory / Discriminatory Party Images (Blood Drop Cross, Swastika, KKK, etc).
  • *Animal Cruelty Themes and/or Images
  • *Drug Usage (excluding cigarettes and marijuana)
  • *Sexist Themes
Forumotion also does not allow:
  • *NSFW / Nude Images.
You may post NSFW / Nude Images publicly, but they MUST be appropriately censored; refer to our guideline for coverage below:
Breaking this rule will result in a friendly reminder. Doing it repeatedly (three or more) will result in an official warning and week ban.
PSE (Photo Sensitive Epilepsy) Images

I’m sure everyone can agree that flashing images can be very, very frustrating – especially those that have seizures from them. That being said, we take even slightly triggering pictures very seriously.
Please ensure to take the proper steps and learn about PSE before posting any images. As quoted from
"Seizures in photosensitive people may be triggered by exposure to some of the following situations
  • Television screens or computer monitors due to the flicker or rolling images.
  • Certain video games or TV broadcasts containing rapid flashes or alternating patterns of different colors.
  • Intense strobe lights like visual fire alarms.
  • Natural light, such as sunlight, especially when shimmering off the water, flickering through trees or through the slats of Venetian blinds.
  • Certain visual patterns, especially stripes of contrasting colors.
  • Some people wonder whether flashing lights on the top of buses or emergency vehicles may trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy too."
(Source: - Photosensitivity and Seizures – 2013)

More information can be found here:

If you see an image that bothers you, please, do not hesitate to contact an admin or moderator.

If you feel a picture is not PSE friendly, please put it in a spoiler named “PSE Warning”.
Using Artwork

You are not allowed to use artwork that doesn’t directly belong to you and you do not have permission to use. This does not include free-to-use things.
You may use artwork you didn’t create or have permission for as your display picture/references (as long as there are multiple) as long as the artist verifies that it is free for you to use, however, you must credit the original artist.
You can never claim something you did not draw as your own. This will result in a friendly reminder; repeated offenses will result in an official warning and two week ban.
Posting Restrictions

You may only bump your thread every 10 hours. If you bump sooner than this repeatedly (of course, we won’t hold you to the exact time, but you can’t bump every 5 hours. Being an hour or two off will not result in consequences), you will receive a friendly reminder.
Of course, with that being said, Spam is not allowed.
Spam is considered:
  • *Replying to a topic three or more times in a row, without anyone else responding, in a short amount of time.
  • *Posting harmful links to viruses, scams, or NSFW websites. This will result in an instant bar dock and two week ban.
  • *Advertising your own shop/link in someone else’s thread/shop. Your post will be removed immediately and you will receive a friendly reminder for the first offense.
  • *Making a separate Off-Topic thread to advertise.
You may, however, advertise things in the correct areas:
  • *Your profile
  • *Your signature
  • *Appropriate Off-Topic Threads
  • *Your shop.
While you may link something off-site, you may not link your off-site shop in the shop field on your profile. This will result in a friendly reminder for the first offense, then an official warning for each time after. Its purpose is to support your shop on here, not an off-site one!
Auto-Play Music

You may have YouTube Links / Videos on your profile, shop, etc., but you may not allow it to auto-play. You will receive a friendly reminder for the first offense and an official warning for the second offense.

Signatures must be Safe For Work. The maximum size for signatures is set at 500x500.
Art Theft and How We Handle It

We will not publicly state why you had a bar docked unless you force us (i.e., tell people you got a bar dock for false reasoning, etc).
You start off with five bars. Lose all of them, and you will be banned for 6 months, followed by a year.
We will not publicly post that you’ve committed theft, as we believe that someone can always redeem themselves. We allow users who have committed art theft to apply for the bars back via PM to one of the admins, global mods, or art theft mods.
You should also note that your alternate account will be banned as well. Should you make another account to continue coming onto our forum during your ban, will only result in that account being deleted and your ban being lengthened by a week.

Art Theft Scenarios
Scenario Consequence
Scenario 1

A user claims that a copyrighted image as their own, but cannot prove so.
The user will receive a two week ban, no exceptions. Should the same user repeat the same offense again, they will receive another bar dock and a month (or longer) ban – the ban depending on how many times they’ve done this.
Scenario 2

A user is using a copyrighted image however they aren’t giving credit to the creator.
The user will receive a friendly reminder.
Scenario 3

A user is using a copyrighted image but is giving credit – however, they do not have permission to use this.
The user will receive a friendly reminder.
Scenario 4

A user heavily referenced an image that’s copyrighted (i.e., their own drawing or a copyrighted photograph). They are giving credit to the original artist, but are claiming that the new “remade” piece is their own.
First offense: will result in a friendly reminder and a 48-hour ban. They will not receive an official warning or bar dock, but they will receive a ban.
Second offense: The user will receive an official warning and a two-week ban.
Should a user return and continue to do this, they will continue to receive docks and bans until they are banned for a year.
Scenario 5

A user is using a non-stock image for a background on a banner or image and is attempting to sell said image for profit.
User will receive a friendly reminder for first offense.
Second offense will result in a bar dock and two week ban.
Scenario 6

A user is taking bits and pieces from multiple artworks and making it into their own piece. This is called “Frankendolling”.
First offense: will result in an official warning and two week ban. This is not tolerated.
Second offense: will result in another bar dock and a month ban.
Third offense:will result in a 6 month ban and another bar dock.
Fourth offense: will result in a year ban.
Fifth offense: will result in a two year ban.
Any more after that will result in a permanent ban.
Warning Bar Docks Not Related To Art Theft

Warning bars appear like this:

The bar shows whether or not someone has broken rules. Full bars that are green are people that haven't had any official warnings / or any at all.
Any color below the green means that they have been docked. ( For breaking rules / theft / breaking TOS numerous amounts of times. )
There are 5 bars, but depending on the severity of the offense, the consequences will be decided as to how many are lost at a given time.

How To Get Your Bars Back
We keep a record of any and all friendly reminders and bar docks. You will receive a bar back after three months to a year of good behavior, depending on the number and severeity of the offenses. All bar recovery times will vary.

Warning Bar Levels
Level Description
Level 1

Friendly Reminder
These do not result in a bar dock, but can sometimes lead to a 48-hour ban, depending on the severity of the offense.
Level 2

First Official Warning
You can receive an official warning if you:
  • *Harassed a user when you were asked to stop.
  • *Broke the same rule after being asked to stop.
  • *Committed art theft for the second (or more) time.
Level 3

Second Official Warning
This will result in having another bar docked:
  • *Breaking the same rule more than twice.
  • *Severely harassing or bullying a user after being told to stop.
  • *Committed art theft.
Once receiving a second official warning, you will receive a suspension (or ban) from the Cafe. This ban can last from a week to longer, depending on the severity.
Level 4

Third Official Warning
Receiving a third warning will start your ban at a month and rise depending on the offense.
  • *Breaking the same rule again.
You can bypass the other warnings and jump to three bar docks by:
  • *Posting harmful things to another user.
  • Spamming offensive links multiple times and / or creating multiple threads to spam links.
Level 5

Fourth and Final Official Warning
Once you receive four warnings, your next will be a ban.
To bypass all other warnings and jump to the fourth warning, you would have to:
  • *Threaten another user.
Level 6

As the level name states, once you break the rules enough or severely enough, you will be banned for one year, or longer (depending on your offenses). You would have to:
  • *Break the rules more than four times.
  • *Commit extremely severe cases of art theft.
  • *Make an alternate account during your ban.
  • *Commit art theft once returning.
If you are permanently banned, you have committed one of these offenses:
  • *Issued a death threat to another user.
  • *Told someone to kill themselves (includes ‘kys’ if it is in a serious manner).
  • *Told someone something terrible should happen to them.
  • *Told someone you hope something horrible happens to their family.