Celestial Café Staff


They overlook the entire site and are able to change names, coding, transfer donuts, and ban people. They handle all the types of issues with the forum and suspicious activity.
Celeste Fox Position Open
Head Admin / Café Owner Manager: God Manager


Unlike mods, the technicians only deal with bugs and coding on the forum. They can help with BBcode but mostly deal with the CSS, HTML, and JavaScripts. Any suggestions should be directed to them and reports should stay away from this group. They will not issue any warnings or bans, but they will help with shop coding bugs and bugs in general.
Draxion Position Open
Head Baker Baker

Global Moderators

Like admins, they overlook the entire site, as well. They can update names and ban people, as well as help other mods investigate suspicious activity. They are the ones to contact in buyer/seller issues.
Andy Position Open
Head Barista Barista

Art Theft Moderators

These mods browse shops and threads looking for art theft. Any suspected theft should be reported to these mods.
Suga Devorar
Pastry Chef Pastry Assistance

Shop Moderators

These mods browse shops as well as lock, delete, split, and moderate if things get out of hand in a shop. Any suspected theft can also be reported to them.
July Zirconian Allen
Chef Cook Cook

Event Moderators

These mods come up with events and contests, as well as verify user hosted ones.
Position Open Position Open Position Open
Catering Manager Catering Assistant Catering Assistant

Auction Moderators

Verifies and okays auctions to ensure no theft have occured.
Negatori Position Open Position Open
Banquet Manager Banquet Assistant Banquet Assistant

Off-Topic Moderators

These mods monitor the off-topic area. They ensure no thread gets blown out of the water with drama/passive aggressiveness/bullying. They lock threads when something does get out of hand and issues warnings accordingly. If any passive aggressiveness is suspected in the off-topic, these should be the mods to message.
Disasterpiece Position Open
Head Entertainer Entertainer


These are simply users that welcome and will help you around the forum. Any general questions can be asked to them. While they hold no mod powers, they can report things to the mods in a timely manner should no mods be online. They can answer questions about where topics would go as well as make you feel welcome.
Wil Chunin Position Open
Social Media Manager Maid Butler

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