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on 13th June 2018, 6:59 am

Welcome to BAF's TOPIC GUIDES!

The Topic Guide section here is ALMOST like a " Table of Contents " for you members!
It'll tell you where you may be able to find things, or what to post where, etc.!

Remember, if you have any questions.. make sure to go here to ask questions, and a moderator or admin will answer to the best of their ability!

The BOLD is clickable! ( It will lead you to that section of our forum! )

For starters, the VERY top " Welcome " section.

Announcements - This is where announcing of games / events / any possible changes will be announced! Pay attention to stay updated!

Help and Feedback - You may go here for our F.A.Q. , Topic Guides ( using them right now, ) and feedback! Letting us now what we can do to improve, and make the site easier to navigate for you members!

Inspiration - Here, you may post inspiration, things that inspire you to draw, sing. Whatever art it makes you want to express. NOW, when posting inspiration, please make sure the artist allows their content to be posted on offsite, and that you credit appropriately!

Art Services

Customs - Customs is for where people would like to set up shop, and sell their art.

Premades - Premades is a section where ALREADY made art can be sold, NOT for customs.

Freebies - This section is for people that would love to make a free shop / or free premade shop ( just specify in your shop name, ) for practice! It also provides free art for those that can't really afford it! So It's a win/win.

Requesting - Requesting is for people looking for a specific kind of art, and offering prices. So that way any artists that are looking for work may offer their services.

Partnership Seeking - If you're looking for someone to work with, post your forms here! It could be art / singing / theatre, ANYTHING of the artistic sort.

Auctions - This is the area where you may sign up for a auction! Or, you may bid on pieces posted here!

Criticism - Here artists may post their work, receive CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!

Theatre / Drama - Theatrical arts, and Drama may be posted here. This is where the visual / acting arts may be posted to be appreciated!

Voice Arts -  This is where the voice arts may be posted for appreciation. Could be youtube links, or YOUR personal voice on any other site that offers vocal art services.


Events - All BAForum events will be posted here.

Contests - All contests will be posted here where members may compete for prizes of all kinds of sorts!

Off Topic

Chat - Chat is where people may chat about anything ( just follow our TOS, ) and post memes! All the fun times.

Thank you! Enjoy BAF!

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