Icons / Banners Premade Booth (Market)

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Icons / Banners Premade Booth (Market)

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:44 am

Celestial Art Café's Premade Icon / Banner Booth!

Please use the form below to post.

In this thread, you may post your premade icons and / or banners for sale! Please make sure to edit your post when they've been sold.


  • Please use the form below.
  • Only re-post every 24 hours.
  • Only use one form for multiple premades.
  • Do not advertise your shops. You can have links in your signature, but do not have them in your posts.
  • Do not post in this thread if you want to buy a picture or compliment an artist. Send it to them via PM.

Explaining the Form

A preview of what you're selling with a small description.
Preferred Method Of Payment and Price:
Would you preferred being paid with Credits/Paypal/etc?
How much are you asking for?
Has this been sold?:
Please edit this when it's been sold. Until then, put "No".
Any changes or other that you may or may not offer.


[b]Preferred method of payment:[/b]
[b]Has this been sold?:[/b]


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