Pixel Badge Premade Booth (Market)

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Pixel Badge Premade Booth (Market)

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:49 am

Celestial Art Café's Premade Badge Booth!

Please use the form below to post.

In this thread, you may post your premade badges for sale! Please make sure to edit your post when they've been sold.


  • Please use the form below.
  • Only re-post every 24 hours.
  • Only use one form for multiple premades.
  • Do not advertise your shops. You can have links in your signature, but do not have them in your posts.
  • Do not post in this thread if you want to buy a picture or compliment an artist. Send it to them via PM.

Explaining the Form

A preview of what you're selling with a small description.
Preferred Method Of Payment and Price:
Would you preferred being paid with Credits/Paypal/etc?
How much are you asking for?
Has this been sold?:
Please edit this when it's been sold. Until then, put "No".
Any changes or other that you may or may not offer.


[b]Preferred method of payment:[/b]
[b]Has this been sold?:[/b]


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Re: Pixel Badge Premade Booth (Market)

Post by Ghost on Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:52 pm

Preview: 40x20

Preferred method of payment: paypal/credits
Price: pyp
Has this been sold?: no
Extra: MUST credit and grant to Voyeur @IMVU once made
Social Media Manager
IMVU : Voyeur


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